‘Rachel D’

Published December 19, 2017

   When I started the Top Gun Crossfit Boot Camp, I was in the worst shape of my life. I had not done any regular real exercise in years, and being in my 30s finally caught up with me and I was unhappy with my body and fitness levels. I decided to check out the Top Gun Boot Camp because it was close to my house, and I figured if it worked, I would have almost no excuses to not make it to the gym. The first day of class was humbling to say the least, but I immediately felt a sense of accomplishment because while I might have been close to the last in class to finish the benchmark workout, I still finished. And that’s how Crossfit has been ever since.
   There is almost always that sense of an accomplishment whether it is finishing a hard workout, or hitting a personal record while lifting. When I did the benchmark workout for the last time in Boot Camp, I cut my time in half. I moved right into the Barbell 101 and now have been doing Crossfit classes three times a week for about six months. I love the community and support at the gym. I find the workouts empowering, and they are different all the time which keeps things interesting. I did not look at Crossfit like a way to loosr weight, but to get stronger and more fit, but I can definitely say I am more trim and healthy. At Top Gun Crossfit you will find supportive coaches and a great community as well and I have to say, it has meant a lot to have my Boot Camp coaches tell me how awesome I am doing because they saw me at my worst, and helped me to be my best.

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