Published August 3, 2016

Top Gun Boot Camp is an incredible experience.
I went into Boot Camp with a specific weight loss goal. I left recognizing that the weight loss goal was not the most important aspect of our 6 weeks together. I became stronger mentally and physically. The group was encouraging and we all helped each other recognize our potential. I gained proper technique and form. Boot Camp helped me get back on track with fitness goals. I wasn't working out much for the past year and it helped me reset my desire to have a healthy body. I also loved the topics we covered in class regarding sleep, nutrition, goal setting, community, balance- it was a very holistic approach to well being. Some days I really wanted to skip class, but each time I left feeling motivated towards my goals and grateful for the experience.
I was impressed by Coach Mary's explanations of each exercise and her encouragement to each attendee. She made sure we each understood the work outs and one of the best parts was the warm up games we played.

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