Published September 1, 2019

As we near Top Gun Crossfit’s 10 year Anniversary & Steve’s birthday is in September, it’s only appropro that he’s the Member Spotlight! 



NAME: Steve Loeding

JOB: Top Gun Crossfit Co-Owner (w/Meghan)

FAVORITE MUSIC TYPE / GROUP: Just went to Iron Maiden concert! 80’s metal, old country, 80’s, classical, old school rap

CHILDREN / PETS ?: 4 Dogs: Layla, York, Simon, Polly & assorted foster dogs.

FAVORITE VACATION SPOT: Cuba was my favorite, anyplace tropical in the winter. We’re heading to THE Oktoberfest this month in Munich so that might be a favorite, too! 

HOBBIES:  Building model airplanes, gardening, smoking cigars, riding my motorcycle, travelling & adventures with Meghan, fostering dogs, fantasy football. Mocking Meghan’s voice. 

HOW LONG HAVE YOU DONE CROSSFIT AND WHAT MADE YOU TRY IT OUT ? About 12 years - was doing bodybuilding /running routine which got stale. Found Crossfit in a magazine & gave it a try. I did the workouts at the YMCA. 

WHAT WERE YOUR THOUGHTS ABOUT CROSSFIT AT FIRST? It was fun, completely different than what I’d been doing & very challenging. 

DESCRIBE YOUR FAVORITE THINGS ABOUT CROSSFIT AND HOW IT HAS IMPACTED YOUR LIFE: The community aspect - from training others to events & fundraisers. I’m proud of our tight-knit community that Meghan & I have developed. We push & support each other in the gym and beyond. 


FAVORITE MOVEMENT: Back squats & power cleans tie.

LEAST FAVORITE: Thrusters & wall balls tie.

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