Published June 1, 2019



NAME:  Christina, a.k.a "Sling"

JOB:  Quality Manager at an Aerospace company

FAVORITE MUSIC TYPE / GROUP:  Almost any type of music, favorite band is They Might be Giants

CHILDREN / PETS ?:  No kids, one dog (Lucy) who is a rescue from Kentucky.

FAVORITE VACATION SPOT:  Anywhere I can have a glass of wine, eat a decent meal and read a book.  Beach or woods, I look forward to any sort of getaway.

HOBBIES:  Besides Crossfit and work, I usually spend time reading and watching TV and movies.  I recently learned how to play Mah Jongg and am a little bit addicted.

HOW LONG HAVE YOU DONE CROSSFIT AND WHAT MADE YOU TRY IT OUT ?  I started with Top Gun back in 2011.  I had recently moved back from living overseas for two years, and was looking for a small gym to join.  I had two different friends let me know there was a Crossfit gym less than I mile away from my house, so I looked it up online and emailed Steve so I could come and check it out.

WHAT WERE YOUR THOUGHTS ABOUT CROSSFIT AT FIRST?  I loved it from day one.  I like being challenged and I have yet to be bored.  It's the only sport I've ever kept up with for this amount of time.

DESCRIBE YOUR FAVORITE THINGS ABOUT CROSSFIT AND HOW IT HAS IMPACTED YOUR LIFE:  I love the variety and the fact that people at all different levels can work out side by side. It's fun being part of a community that cheers each other on.  My husband has gone through some significant health issues over the last few years, and it's kept me sane throughout some really crazy times.  As I get older, it continues to be a huge boost to my body confidence - I hope to continue to be able to do pull-ups well into my 50's.  : )


FAVORITE MOVEMENT:  It's more of a skill than a movement, but probably double-unders.



NAME: Nathan Taylor

JOB: Student: soon to be Software Developer


CHILDREN / PETS ?: Sadie, my family's dog (Lhasa poo).

FAVORITE VACATION SPOT: North Shore of Lake Superior

HOBBIES: Outside of CrossFit, I enjoy taking on landscaping projects, computer programming, running, or seeing how fast I can solve the Rubik’s Cube.

HOW LONG HAVE YOU DONE CROSSFIT AND WHAT MADE YOU TRY IT OUT ? I've been doing CrossFit for four months now. I wanted to get back into shape and lower my body fat percentage. My father and sister do CrossFit, and having seen their results, it was a no-brainer!

WHAT WERE YOUR THOUGHTS ABOUT CROSSFIT AT FIRST? I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to keep up with the intensity of the workouts, but thanks to scaling options, getting up to speed wasn't that bad.

DESCRIBE YOUR FAVORITE THINGS ABOUT CROSSFIT AND HOW IT HAS IMPACTED YOUR LIFE: My favorite part about CrossFit is how it's sort of an individual sport and a team sport at the same time. Doing the workouts alongside others helped me push myself further. Since I've started CrossFit, I've gained more confidence and I'm in the best shape of my life!



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