Published March 1, 2019


NAME: Jennine Duda
JOB: Chief Administrative Officer, Minnesota State Fair Foundation
FAVORITE MUSIC TYPE / GROUP: Classic rock, jam bands or anything from the 80s
CHILDREN / PETS ?: Harrison - human (25), Glory - human (21) and Rufus - basset hound (12)
HOBBIES: quilting
HOW LONG HAVE YOU DONE CROSSFIT AND WHAT MADE YOU TRY IT OUT ? My one-year crossfit anniversary was January 2nd. I saw something about the boot camp and wanted to give it a try. I was looking for something different from the same old/same old of going to the Y.
WHAT WERE YOUR THOUGHTS ABOUT CROSSFIT AT FIRST? I liked that it was something different every time and the movements seemed to have real-world applications.
DESCRIBE YOUR FAVORITE THINGS ABOUT CROSSFIT AND HOW IT HAS IMPACTED YOUR LIFE: No matter how tough the workout is, I always feel great when I'm done. The people at Top Gun have made it really enjoyable to come in for each workout to challenge myself to try a little harder. Over the past year, I've gained some confidence in my abilities and lost the interest in tracking my weight - it's more about being fit and strong than what size I wear.
FAVORITE WORKOUT: I like the chippers - the Filthy 50 was pretty good.
FAVORITE MOVEMENT: Hm. Toss up between rowing, sit ups and kettle bell swings...

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