Published April 1, 2018


NAME: Don Martin

JOB: Residential Remodeler
FAVORITE MUSIC TYPE / GROUP: Musicians: John Gorka, Jeremy Bergo!
CHILDREN / PETS ?: No kids, I live with Lisa's two dogs.
FAVORITE VACATION SPOT: Hmm - tough one. I guess I'll have to go with skiing pretty much anywhere in the Rockies.
HOBBIES: Facebook lurking, beer drinking usually done in tandem.
HOW LONG HAVE YOU DONE CROSSFIT AND WHAT MADE YOU TRY IT OUT ? Steve introduced me to Crossfit shortly before he started his gym in his garage in (August 2010). I decided to try it out after learning all of the gym members at that time were hot women. Meghan & Les and it was at least 100 degrees inside that garage.
WHAT WERE YOUR THOUGHTS ABOUT CROSSFIT AT FIRST? I'd never seen women sweat like that and I wondered what the neighbors thought of the three of us scrambling over Steve's backyard fence.
DESCRIBE YOUR FAVORITE THINGS ABOUT CROSSFIT AND HOW IT HAS IMPACTED YOUR LIFE: I really enjoy the combination of heavy lifting, oly lifts, cardio work and gymnastic movements. I spent the first forty or so years of my life mainly doing cardio stuff and have been surprised at how much better I feel and move since starting Crossfit. I wildly underestimated how much I would enjoy the community aspect of Crossfit and how getting to know the other gym members makes going to the gym something to look forward to instead of dreading. Also, the gym is a rich source of material for Facebook trolling.
FAVORITE WORKOUT: Murph of course.

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