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For those without prior Crossfit experience, it will be a MetCon (metabolic conditioning without any barbell work) class. Please click on the link to select which MetCon class you’ll attend.
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If you do have Crossfit experience (minimum 3 months) then email us to set up a CF class to try!



Join the Boot Camp (or test out – discuss this when contacting us)

Top Gun Boot Camp is where you learn and practice the many various exercises we use in our workouts.  In addition to fitness, we teach you how to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle.  We teach you proper nutrition.  You will learn how to track your workouts so you can look at your improvements.

The Boot Camp classes are held Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 730 PM and Saturday mornings at 10:30AM.  There are 18 classes lasting for 6 weeks, which are progressive, and help you grow as an athlete.

When you complete the Boot Camp classes you can....

Join our gym officially!!!

Your membership is either joining in on MetCon classes (no barbell work) or take Intro Classes (approx. 6) sessions to get into regular Crossfit classes. You’ll learn all of the barbell movements/ Olympic lifting techniques used in Crossfit. Intro classes can be scheduled according to your availability.