Excellent article on CrossFit Burnout - by Freddy (games competitor) @ CrossFit One World

Published February 19, 2012

http://crossfitoneworld.typepad.com/crossfit_one_world/2010/06/crossfit-burnout.html CrossFit burn out ???  Yes, it does happen.  Quite a bit.  You cannot go 100% all the time.  This is a mistake plenty of people make.  It can be avoided (read the article...) Take every 4th or 5th week as a deload week - do the workouts at an easier pace, cut the reps or time in half, lower the weight you are using for the lifting days, concentrate on form during the oly lifts vs using more weight.  Maybe really focus on skills you are having trouble mastering - double unders, handstands, pull ups, etc. If you do take a week off, it is much easier to sit on your butt and make excuses why you should work on the law of "objects at rest tend to stay at rest".  So try and schedule weeks off around trips, home projects, etc, things that will keep you occuppied.     

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