Making Fitness a Priority

Published May 29, 2017

We have choices to make regarding our fitness and health.  We can choose to make it a priority, or a part of our lives, or simply choose to not do it at all.


If you are a competitive athlete, then you already make fitness a priority in you life.  You have dedicated days that you come into the gym, or days that you do certain workouts.  You rarely allow things to get in the way of your fitness and you work your schedule to match your fitness goals.  If something pops up, you work your fitness schedule around it and hell, you may do two-a-days to fit it all in.


If you don't work out at all, or sparingly, then obviously fitness, and your health, are not priorities in your life.  You have other things that you would like to spend time and effort on, and you don't see the benefits of being STRONGER FASTER BETTER ( shameless plug ).  Of course, you probably won't live as long and won't have the high quality of life that you could be living... but hey, that's your choice....


Well, how about the rest of you ?  The guys and gals that come to the gym 3-4 times per week and push themselves, eat healthy and take care of themselves.  Fitness is not a priority, but it's an important part of your life. 


But dang it, life gets in the way ALL THE TIME !!!  Kids have soccer practice, you travel, your significant other is busy, work keeps you late, you're sick or someone else is sick, etc etc etc.  This is where you need to determine whether or not fitness is going to be a part of your lifestyle.


One way to make sure you can get into the gym is to map out your week in hourly increments.  Looking at your schedule, is there a date or time that you can fit in an hour of fitness ?  Maybe it's at 6 AM and you hate working out at that early time.... too bad, suck it up buttercup !!!  Or maybe you want to workout at 6 AM ( seriously, what is wrong with you ? ) but this week it's impossible - well, come out into the light and join an evening class.  Or perhaps you don't like working out three days in a row, but dang it, this week you only have time Weds, Thurs, Fri.... oh well...  Perhaps you are the person who enjoys just the metcon class and don't want to use barbells - ask the coach to modify for you. 


It is easy to put your fitness on the back burner, and allowing other things to take priority.  All of a sudden it's been 3 weeks... and now you're just not motivated to return.  This is why you need to make an effort to get in when ever you can...otherwise it's far too easy to quit, since that's easier than getting back in and pushing yourself.


Do yourself a favor - Get an online calendar, block out 3-4 hours per week for YOU to exercise, and then do it !!!

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