Carbs are not the enemy !!!

Published May 22, 2017

The Paleo diet is all the rage in CrossFit circles these days.  Every January there is another Paleo challenge.  Eat like a caveman, they say.  No starches such as rice, potatoes, wheat.  Well, sir or madam, you are NOT  a caveman or woman !!!


You need fuel to crush your workouts !!  You don't need to avoid starches just because cavemen did ( they didn't live very long, either ).


I recall a recent conversation I overheard between one of our coaches and an athlete.  When he mentioned she should be eating rice, potatoes, oats for fuel for workouts, the look on her face said it all.  "What ?  Eat carbs ?  Are you serious ?" 


We have been brainwashed by "health" magazines, diet plans, stars that do this or that, and by unrealistic ads stating you could lose X pounds in Y weeks by not eating carbs.  Garbage,  Rubbish.


Your body uses carbs as it's main fuel source.   You need to load and reload carbs ( energy ) before and after workouts.  Carbs are the source of glycogen, the fuel your muscles use to work.  Without it, you'll notice you're tired, weak and are not performing as well as you could and should. 


A primary source of this fuel is starches - such as sweet potatoes, rice, whole grain pasta and breads.  These are long lasting carbohydrates (as oppossed to simple sugars, which are processed and used almost immediately).  Starches take longer to digest and are stored as fuel, NOT fat.  They provide long-lasting energy that you need for intense or prolong exercise.


Veggies have a ton of needed nutrients, but do not provide enough energy to be useful for a source of fuel in a workout.  Fruits have some carbs but they are generally not enought for long-sustained sources of energy.


A good rule of thumb is to have 40% of your daily calories coming from carbs, 30% from protein and 30% from fat.  This is very well balanced and gives you enough of each to provide what your body needs to be a well-oiled machine.


Now go get them carbs !!!!

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