New year, New you ?

Published December 30, 2016

So, it's the New Year is almost upon you.  This is the YEAR !!!  The Year you lose 20 pounds, completely revamp your eating habits, hit the gym 5 days a week, take Yoga 3x per week, run every weekend, give up this food and that food, cut back on drinking... the list goes on and on.


WAIT !!!  Let me tell you, trying to change too many aspects of your life at once is going to lead to failure.  Not that you don't have the will - but trying to change everything at once is going to be not just daunting and challenging, but really, a disaster.  Here is why...


You have spent a lifetime being you, or maybe just the last few years.  Yes, it's great to want to change yourself, your lifestyle, your look.  But hey, we all have lives - work, family, travel, kids, dogs, friends.  And these are important parts of our lives.  And they also have a way of "ruining" your great plans.


Example, you have friends who like to hit happy hour every Friday.  You can either not go ( boooo !!! ) or choose to sip water and eat carrots while they stuff their faces full of chesse sticks and chicken wings, and drink beers.  And enjoy themselves.  And then you realize, you need to go workout because you could only make it 2 days due to work and a family event.  And you didn't make it to Yoga either.  Oh, and you had a cookie, so that pretty much ruined your diet anyways.  And that dang scale hasn't budged either....  Pretty soon, you're wondering if you can make any changes at all.  Maybe you should go to a cabin in the woods and live alone for 6 months so there aren't so many distractions....


One thing at a time.... first, in my opinion, is to get active... doing something you know you can commit to ( time ) and you enjoy.  And then slowly change / tweak other things... eating habits, lifestyle habits, etc.


This is where TOP GUN CrossFit Boot Camp comes in... we teach you to slowly change your habits, one week at a time.  Changes take time, and support, and you'll get plenty of support from your coaches and your fellow Boot Campers.


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