Next 6 Week Cycle

Published September 29, 2016

We are going to start 6 week cycles, which will fit in nicely with yearly programming.  For instance, we always max out in the first week of January and in June / July - programming should reflect that.  We have the open in March, and the two months of training for that should train us for that.  So, for the next 6 weeks ( Oct - mid Nov ) here is what we are concentrating on...


Power - Distance x wt / time - the faster you move an object, the more power you create.  With maximal loads, it is difficult to move the weight very fast.  With submaximal loads, we can move the weight more quickly = more power.  This is a very effective training tool, especially for CF, as we are often moving large loads quickly. 


The movements we will be using for power are squats, presses, and deadlifts ( carefully ).  You'll see sets of 2-3 reps at a medium to heavy load.  This will be listed in the daily programming.  The oly lifts will be kept at a medium weight to focus on speed and also focusing on proper positioning.


The workouts will generally be the same as always - some short and heavy, some long, some bodyweight etc. 


The skill to work on for the next six weeks will be one legged squat, either on a box or in a pistol.  We need to test the movement in the beginning and at the end - that way we can see improvement. 

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