Hey Coach - can you help me with my diet ?

Published March 20, 2016



Hey Coach, can you help me with my diet ?  Well, yes, and no.... depends on what you can eat, your goals, and trial and error.


Every year, at Top Gun CrossFit, we have a "Paleo Challenge".  The empasis is eating 100% Paleo for 6 weeks.  What the heck is Paleo, you ask ?  


The Paleo Diet is what our ancestors during the Paleolithic age of man - the stone age.  When people ate natural food, no grains, no rice, no bread or wheat products, etc.  Basically eating 100% natural food.


Does it work ?  Yes, if you can stick to it.  You will lose fat.  Your workout ability may suffer, especially at first, as your ability to use complex carbs ( wheat, bread, oats ) is limited.  But eventually your body figures things out and runs smoothly.  The bad ?  Eating 100% clean is a very difficult thing to do in our crazy, high stress, overworked lives.  We don't need to hunt or gather our food.  Almost everything we eat is genetically modified. 


Well, I heard about the Zone - blocks and such - how does that work.  Honestly, if you follow their recomendations, not well.  Not nearly enough food for an active person.  Good for losing weight, but certainly will lead to your body eating itself because you have no food.  The blocks are not too difficult to follow - there just are not enough to fuel your body and workouts without bumping them up.


Well geez, how about this diet, or this cleanse ( nooo !!! ) or restricting fats or eliminating carbs or doing Atkins, etc, etc etc.  But I'm a vegetarian, allergic to gluten, and can't drink milk.  Thus why it's impossible to say you should eat this or that, without getting personal about what you can / cannot or do / do not like to eat.


Honestly, I'm not a dietician and I can't give you advice.  I can point you in the right direction, but you have to figure it out for yourself to see what works and what doesn't.  The modified Paleo ( allowing for rice, wheat, etc ) seems to work for a lot of CrossFit Athletes. 


We also have a registered dietician ( Jess aka Chip ) if you'd like more information on a healthy diet.

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