Don't Cut Calories to Lose Weight !!!

Published March 7, 2016

The Effects of Radically Reduce Caloric Intake


When people want to lose weight, they think they have to drastically reduce their calorie intake, to the point of taking in 1500 calories when they actually need 3000 calories as dictated by activity levels. This is bad, and actually counter-productive. Here is why…

Americans eat nutritionally poor food. Much of our food is refined, processed, and fake. Our food lacks vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients. They have tons of added chemicals and preservatives.  Our food is packed with added sugar.  We generally do not eat natural, nutritionally dense foods.

We are told to eat low protein, low fat diets, because that’s what is healthy. Or we are informed that high protein, high fat diets low in carbs will cause weight loss, as carbs are stored as fat . This is simply not true – you need carbs for energy, you need fats for your bodily functins and you need protein to repair your muscles from your workouts.

What happens if you radically lower your caloric intake ? Or  avoid eating either fats, carbs or protein ?  You miss out on necessary nutrients for bodily functions. Calorie deficits wastes as much muscle as it does fat. Muscle is important because is keeps us strong and looking good.

Here is what happens when you cutexcessive calories from your diet. First, the initial weight you lose is due more to water loss than it is fat loss. What ? When you restrict carbs, it triggers the loss of glycogen ( stored energy !!!! ) and the water stored with it. You’re losing energy and water !!! We are told that 500 calorie deficit per day equals losing a pound a week of fat – but that's not true, because everyone is different. When you weigh yourself you can fluctuate as much as 2-3 pounds from day to day– depending on water retention, how much you've eaten etc. 

When you restrict your calories too much and start starving yourself, this puts your body in a bad state.  This is a NO-NO !!! Your body is designed to avoid starving. When you starve your body you are telling it up to fight for it's life. Starving depletes the energy in your muscles, then fats ( energy storage ), then it starts to eat your muscles in order to survive. Your metabolism drops to zero as your body fights to maintain basic functions. You’ll lose weight but you will look and feel awful. And when you return to eating “normal” you will actually store fat at a greater weight, as your body wants to store food for the next time you starve. Thus begins a dangerous cycle of starving and gaining weight.

How do you lose fat without starving ? Instead of hours of boring long slow cardio workoutsand limiting calories, lift heavy things 3 days a week, do some quick high intensity workouts, and feed yourself correctly. You will lose fat.  Your body weight may stay close to the same.  Heavy lifting combined with proper nutrition = bigger muscles. Bigger muscles consume more calories. Heavy lifting increases metabolism over a long period of time, long after you're done working out. The same applies to high intensity exercise.  Lifting heavy weights and intense workouts continue to burn calories for up to 36-48 hours later. 

If you want to lose fat the healthy, natural way, lift big things, do short intense workouts and eat real, healthy food.

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