Keeping a Journal

Published January 4, 2016


As a new year dawns, I will attempt to post a weekly blog that addresses all things CrossFit, from workouts to diet to recovery.  


The first installment has to do with keeping a journal.  This is so important.  Not only does it tell you what you did, it is a good barometer of how far you have come.


When you hear "Keep a journal" the first thing you think about is writing your results from the workout down, keeping track of weights used in the lifting portion and the workout, etc. 


When we do benchmark workouts or max effort days, you really ought to write those down in the back of your notebook for easy reference.  You will have a very simple easy way to access your best times and weights without having to page through your entire notebook or journal.


A notebook / jouranal is also a great way to track your goals and the work you are putting into accomplishing them ( you do have goals, right ??? ).  Say you set a goal today and you want to accomplish it in 60 days... are you keeping track of what work you put in to accomplishing that goal ?  If you hit it and look back and see all the work you put in, you realize your hard work paid off.  If you don't accomplish it, you can look back and see if there are gaps in your training or if you need to adjust your training.


However, there is more to keeping a journal than simply writing your workouts down.  There are many factors that affect how you perform on a given day.  Sleep, nutrition, stress, injuries or limitations.  It is just as important to track your daily life events - and being able to see how it affects your performance.  For instance, if you are constantly sleep deprived, you will not perform your best.  If you start sleeping more and better, you will most likely see better results. 


Keep track of these things on the top or bottom of your notebook each day.  Here is what I list..,.

Mood ( affects me for sure )




Tight ( or injuries / limitaions )

notes - anything that would affect my performance + or -


We do sell journals at Top Gun CF and they are excellent - daily wods, notes, and a place for tracking lifts and PR's.  They will last you a long time, as I purposely put a lot of workout spaces in there.  You can also buy a cheap notebook from Target - just be sure to track the above info so you can see where you've been, and where you are going.

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