Toughness beats the Environment

Published June 11, 2015

( don’t let your environment define you )
Crossfit, in my opinion, is / was primal.. It’s a simple,hard work, no frills approach to fitness. And it builds character. I have often said to myself “I do CrossFit, so I can do this”. I can’t think of any other workout routine that not makes people physically strong, but also mentally tough.
Look back at the first CrossFit games – held at the ranch in Aromas Ca. Now that was old school. Outside, in the dust, running up a big frickin’ hill. That was primal and damn tough.
There are hundreds if not thousands of people doing CrossFit in their own garages. Some heated and have AC, most do not. They have the basics, a squat rack, barbell, bumper plates, kbs, and maybe a rower. They run outside, in the rain, snow, hot sun. They don’t let the elements defeat them – they embrace the suck. They know that which does not kill them, makes them stronger.
I have a simple squat rack, bar and bumper plates in my garage. I use them when I can’t make it to the gym or on days when I’m just going to lift. Some days the door is open, sometimes it’s not. I’ve worked out when it’s so hot that I sweat like crazy and I’m gulping water between each set. I’ve been out there when it’s been so cold that I have to wear gloves so that my hands don’t get frostbite from the cold bar. But you know what ? I get the work done, I don’t let the weather dictate whether or not I’m going to lift or workout that day.
I have had the pleasure of working out in the nice, big fancy gyms. I hate it. It’s quiet, perfect temperature, televisions, people meandering… it is the opposite of tough. It’s soft. I’m not saying you can’t get in a great workout, but it’s definitely not a challenging environment. I almost feel bad for sweating, like I’m the weirdo.
I know there lots of men and women in the military working out and doing CF in the hot desert, humid tropics and in the arctic. They are tough people already, and doing CF in those places makes them even more mentally and physically strong.
Maybe your CF gym or your garage are cold or hot and sticky – don’t let that stop your workout. Laugh at the elements. If it’s too hot and humid, adjust your workout – but still kick it’s butt. You’re CrossFitters – you have built up a never quit attitude. That is what defines us.

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