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Published September 6, 2012

Hey Top Gunners and Dog WODders! 

Mav asked that I write a quick email to send to all of you. He knew of my connection to Safe Hands Rescue
a while back and asked if it would be OK to organize a WOD to help them out. Even though the folks
at Safe Hands think we're insane workout fiends (I'm not gonna deny we aren't!) they were extremely touched
and excited about us wanting to help them. 
Safe Hands is a small, local,  all volunteer run rescue that is about 6 years old. They transport and place adoptable dogs from 
rural shelters primarily in the south that have little funding, low adoption rates and high euthanasia rates with foster families in the Twin Cities 
area until they are adopted into their forever homes. Some of the shelters that Safe Hands, and other wonderful rescues have
worked with have slashed the euthanasia to nearly 0%! 
Some of you guys may have met Edge (aka Jeremy) and I's dog-child, Bucky, who we adopted in August of 2010 from 
Safe Hands. I was so amazed and impressed by the rescue, the volunteers that run it and the work that they do
that I started volunteering with them in October 2010 and haven't looked back.   
Because Safe Hands dogs often have medical expenses as well as illnesses that need to be treated before
they find their forever homes. Sometimes these illnesses get expensive and can't be treated by the awesome
posse of volunteer vets. Because of this, Safe Hands welcomes monetary and supply donations in order to keep pairing people
with furry family members.They also very recently paired with another organization that adopts
kittens and cats! 
In order to take part in the Dog WOD, we ask that you donate something. Whether that be a 5 spot, a
50 spot, or supplies...absolutely everything is welcome and most appreciated.
We'll be collecting the donations on Saturday morning and I know that folks are heading out to breakfast, but
I'll be going to the Safe Hands Adoptable Dogs Meet & Greet at Fetch Delivers in NE to present them with
our donations around 11:30 if anybody would like to come along. 
Foster families are supplied with everything the adoptable dog needs (food, leash, collar, kennel, medical care)
while they are waiting to land in their permanent place. If you'd like to donate supplies, here are some items they are in need of:
dog collars & leashes of all sizes
kong toys
other dog toys 
paper towels
sanitizing wipes
gas cards to help pay for dog transport 
paper bowls
monetary donations or checks made out to Safe Hands Rescue 
Dog Food: 
I'm sorry if the website isn't updated. All of the foster dogs food has been switched to Nutri-Source as they were having
a supply problem with the previous food.
Nutri Source Chicken and Rice adult formula dog food
Nutri Source Chicken and Rice puppy formula dog food
Some great places to get local dog supplies:
Pet Supplies Plus on 4751 Hiawatha or Chuck & Don's Pet Supplies
I know there are a lot of awesome dog rescues doing great work in the area and Safe Hands is very excited and humbled that we
chose theirs to donate to. Let me know if anybody ever has any questions about how you can get involved. As Edge would tell you,
I've put him through pretty much all of the Safe Hands volunteer gigs- dog arrival intakes, volunteering at Meet & Greet events,
fostering, and foster-sitting foster dogs. 
See some of you on Saturday morning! Don't hesitate to drop me a line if you have any questions, whatsoever!
Killa/Bad Apple/Amy

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